Our office is here to serve the citizens of the 12th District in their dealings with state government. If you need assistance with any state agency, you should contact Joseph using the form here. Here’s how we can help you.

Flag Requests

If you would like a state flag flown over the State Capitol building, please contact us. Virginia’s Capitol Building is rich with history and is undoubtedly one of, if not the most beautiful capitol buildings in the Country. Our State Flag represents that history and all that it means to be a Virginian.

Commending Resolution Requests

If you believe someone you know is worthy of commendation from the Virginia House of Delegates, I want to know about it. If someone you know has done a great act of service, bravery or honor worthy of recognition from the House of Delegates, I will be happy to help you create that special moment.

State & Federal Government Contact Information

If you need to speak with a state agency or elected official in Virginia, please call my office. We’ll be glad to help locate the right person for you to talk to and provide you with their appropriate contact information.

Virginia Department of Transportation

If you are having trouble dealing with the Virginia Department of Transportation, we can help. If your road needs to be maintained, if a pothole needs to be filled or if overhanging branches are creating a safety hazard please contact us for assistance.

Trouble With An Agency?

If you’re having trouble dealing with a state agency like the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Department of Taxation, we can help. Our office will make sure that your case is dealt with in a courteous and timely manner. Please contact us today.

Other Services

We can help you with a host of other services. Here are a few more examples:

  • Legislation/Bill Finding
  • Pardons/Restoration of Rights
  • Vital Records – Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates
  • Capitol Tours
  • School Visits to Richmond
  • Tax Refund Status/Clarification
  • Emergency Preparedness Information
  • Utility Service Liaison
  • Provide Access to Studies, Forms & Reports