The Virginia House of Delegates has 100 members, each representing a seperate district consisting of approximately 80,000 individuals. District lines are drawn after the Census every 10 years so that each Delegate represents the same number of Virginians.

Since 2011, the 12th District has included the counties of Giles, Montgomery (part), Pulaski (part) and the City of Radford.

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Giles County

Giles County, established in 1806, lies at the border of Virginia and West Virginia, covering 360 square miles. Just over 17,000 people call Giles home.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County, established in 1776, covers 388 square miles. Nearly 96,000 people call Montgomery home. Montgomery is also home to one of Virginia’s flagship institutions of higher education, Virginia Tech.

Pulaski County

Pulaski County, established in 1839, covers 330 square miles. Nearly 35,000 people call Pulaski home. Pulaski is also the home of New River Community College.

City of Radford

Radford, established in 1887, covers 10 square miles. Known as the “The River City,” Radford lies at the heart of the New River Valley. Approximately 16,000 people call Radford home, and it is the location of another one of Virginia’s flagship higher education institutions, Radford University.

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